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My name is Jodie Burchell and I'm a data scientist living in the beautiful city of Berlin, Germany. This blog is a collection of my projects and things I've learned using Python, R, SQL and other tools. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect on my employer.

Solving OLS regression with linear algebra

When I first learned least-squares linear regression in my undergrad degree, I remember that we approached it in the “calculus” way: taking the sum of the squared differences for each observation and solving a massive (and tedious) equation until we arrived at our coefficients and line of best fit. I …

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Working with matrices: inversion

Today we will continue our discussion of the basic operations you can do with matrices in linear algebra. In the last post we covered addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication and matrix multiplication. This week, we’ll cover matrix inversion.

So far we’ve seen matrix addition, subtraction and multiplication, but what …

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